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    Measures UV & warns you in time
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For Sports & Outdoor Activities

Athletes enjoy dry and sunny weather – but there´s always the risk of sunburn. For some, using sunscreen is just not practical, as it´s just pouring down while sweating. Some suffer from sun allergies. Some suffer from skin cancer. In the mountains or by the seaside, UV is way stronger than in the green flatlands.
The UV-BODYGUARD is a great help and solution to get enough Vitamin D without sunburn - on an individual base, with or without sunscreen.

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• We need enough sunlight to be healthy and produce VITAMIN D for strong bones and a functioning immune system
• Sunscreen (>SPF 15!) blocks Vitamin D synthesis
• On the other hand, every SUNBURN is painful. And it increases the risk of SKIN CANCER
• Intensity of UV strongly depends on environmental factors, such as weather, clouds, surface you are standing on – that´s why weather forecast will never be enough
• The solution: The UV-BODYGUARD helps measure current UV strength, individually healthy UV-dose, remaining time in the sun (based on individual skin type and SPF of sunscreen) and issues a warning before it´s too late

To our UV-Bodyguards

What we can do for you

Our 3 different grades of customization
1 – Stand alone device

Device is kept as it is - colours: deep black, lava grey, sunny yellow, sky blue

2 – Technology Integration

Integration of our technology into your sports gear

3 - App Adaption and Branding

UV measuring technology
- may be kept as it is or
- integrated into your sports gear
+ app is branded according to your needs

App-Screen von ajuma UV-BODYGUARD App

The UV-BOYGUARD is the smartest UV measurement device in the world. Being connected to the Smartphone via BLE, the UV-BODYGUARD combines UV measurement and satellite data such as ozone values to deliver the INFORMATION that is really RELEVANT for the human skin. The app shows everything around current UV such as UV intensity, recommendations for proper sun protection, individual profile information such as UV dose and remaining time in the sun, but also a UV forecast and past UV tracks. Thus it is a perfect educational and planning tool for outdoor activities for health conscious individuals.

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