How it works

Download the UV-BODYGUARD app for free and off you go!
1 – Connect

Connect the UV-BODYGUARD to the UV-BODYGUARD app via Bluetooth.

2 – Individualize

For your individual user profile, enter your skin type and the sun protection factor of your sunscreen.

3 – Schutz genießen

You see how much % of your healthy UV dose you´ve already consumed, how long you can stay in the sun – and you get a warning on time before you get sunburned.

*The UV radiation can only be measured steadily if the UV-BODYGUARD is connected to the app via Bluetooth.


Which app version for the UV-BODYGUARD is right for you?
ajuma UV-Bodyguard-App-Ansicht von individuellen Profileinstellungen in der ONE-Version auf Smartphone

The UV-BODYGUARD ONE is perfect if you want to receive up-to-date information on your healthy UV dose based on satellite data. Also, you in need of only one user profile within the app.

ajuma UV-Bodyguard App-Ansicht von UV-Tracks in der Family-Version auf Smartphone

As soon as you want to create several user profiles in the app, e.g. for your partner or your children, you should choose the family version. The UV-BODYGUARD FAMILY includes additional features such as a UV forecast and an overview of your UV tracks over the past few days. So you always know how strong the sun will be and how much sun you have soaked up already. Because knowledge is the best sun protection!

You are not sure which UV BODYGUARD is right for you? Look at our overview of all features and benefits:
*Can't decide yet? No problem! You can convert the ONE to the FAMILY version at any time with a monthly cancellable subscription (€1.99 / month) or a one-time lifetime upgrade (€29.95)! Please note that prices can vary within different countries due to tax.

Location tracking

Why you should allow the UV-BODYGUARD APP to access your location
For the exact calculation of the UV radiation we work with the sensor data from the UV-BODYGUARD and other influencing factors that we receive from the European space program Copernicus. The app needs access to your location so we can determine this data specifically for you. Unfortunately, for determining the correct UV radiation you need to turn the location access on.
Data privacy is important to us: The data stays on your smartphone, not in a cloud.