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Measures UV-radiation & warns
you about sunburn
Indivdually health UV dose
App-Screen von persönlichen Profil-Einstellungen für Sonnenschutz.
Fitted to you

Set up your personal profile in the app: Enter your individual skin type and sun protection factor of your sunscreen. Now the UV-Bodyguard is able to compute your healthy UV-dose and warns you about sunburn before it's too late.

Using the UV-Bodyguard "Family", you can set up as many profiles as you need to protect your family.


The UV-BODYGUARD has to be connected with the UV-BODYGUARD APP for Android or iOS. With the app you see how strong the UV radiation is in real time and what percentage of your healthy UV dose has been used up. It warns you if your time in the sun is up and shows you, how long you should stay in the sun to fill up your vitamin D level. for a healthy balance between vitamin D deficiency and sunburn.

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Let's go!

Download the UV-Bodyguard App and set up your individual user profile.
UV-BODYGUARD per Bluetooth verbinden.
1 - Connect

Connect the UV-Bodyguard via Bluetooth with the UV-Bodyguard app.

Hauttyp & Lichtschutzfaktor der Sonnencreme einstellen.
2 - Set up your profile

To set up your individual user profile, enter your skin type and the sun protection factor of your sunscreen.

Sonnenschutz genießen.
3 - Enjoy the sun protection

The app indicates how strong the sun is and how many percent of your healthy UV dose is already consumed - and you will receive a warning in time

That's what
our customers say

You cannot feel UV. Thanks to the UV-Bodyguard I know when the sun is harmless and when I should pay attention. Now I can use screen much more efficient and I do not get a sunburn any more. I can simply enjoy the sun.
Tho Ris
Google Review
We've been using the device for about three weeks now. For our family with two small children it is more than awesome, on the one hand we know, for example, whether it is really safe in the shade without sunscreen (good/bad sunshades, trees or cloudy days) on the other hand it has happened to us one or the other time creaming saves without consequences and a bad conscience.
Mark Rothenpieler
Google Review
Sunburn free for a year :) I bought the UV Bodyguard about a year ago after it was advertised on The Lion's Den. Since then it has been my constant companion, whether hiking, cycling or on vacation. If you keep an eye on the app and heed the warnings, you're pretty much safe from sunburn. Anyway, I haven't had one since. The clip that holds it in place broke recently. Customer service responded quickly and immediately sent me a new clip.
Ines Schlotthauer
Google Review


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The technology behind the UV-Bodyguard
The UV-Bodyguard measures the incoming UV radiation and broadcasts the data to the app. On the smartphone, additional information such as ozone amount overhead of you and current sun elevation are used to reliably determine the skin-relevant UV radiation.


More about sun protection & vitamin D level

ajuma has decided to develop and produce the UV-Bodyguard regionally. This is our contribution to environmental relief.

Für wen ist der UV-Bodyguard?

Für Risikopatienten, Familien mit Kindern, Outdoor-Sportler und für alle, denen der richtige Umgang mit der Sonne wichtig ist.

Eine „Sonnenallergie“ ist eine Hautreaktion, die durch UV-Strahlung ausgelöst wird und Rötungen, Juckreiz sowie Hautausschlag zur Folge hat. Bei allen Formen der Sonnenallergie ist es wichtig, sich vor direkter UV-Strahlung zu schützen. Lies mehr zu Symptomen, Ursachen und Behandlungsmöglichkeiten.