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The sun

We all love sun.
We need sun for our Vitamin D level.
Of course it all depends on the right and healthy amount of sunlight.

Because the dark side of the sun is sunburn and skin cancer.

Your skin remembers every sunburn

Protects you before it´s too late

We are all different. And so is our sensitivity to sun exposure.

Our UV-Bodyguard warns you before you get sunburned: it measures UV-radiation, sends the data to your smartphone and warns you on time.

The UV-Bodyguard

How it works

1 - Connect

Connect the UV-Bodyguard via Bluetooth with your smartphone and measure your personal healthy UV dose all the time.

2 - Individualize

Just enter your skin type and the sun protection factor (SPF) of your sunscreen. Here we go!

3 - protect

You see how much % of your healthy UV dose you´ve already consumed, how long you can stay in the sun – and you get a warning on time before you get sunburned.

Anywhere, any time – it´s easy: just fix the UV-Bodyguard to your wrist, your clothes, or your gear. At the beach, you can simply put it next to your beach mat, and you´re ready.

Just for you: we´ve design two different variations, a cute little turtle for children and families, and an elegant oval design for outdoor athletes.

And there´s more to come…

Easy to use - 2 Designs

Ready - clip - Go

Why use the UV-Bodyguard?

Your advantages

  • You see your healthy UV dose in real time
  • You get a timely warning before you get sunburned
  • You can easily attach the UV-Bodyguard to your clothes or your gear – clip it, use velcro tape or put it on your wrist
  • The UV-Bodyguard is robust, it´s protected against splash water and sand
  • You get a UV forecast and can see your past UV tracks
  • Data privacy is important to us: The data stays on your smartphone, not in a cloud
  • The UV-Bodyguard is locally produced in Southern Germany

We are ajuma



Mother of a little girl, MBA + Psychologist with international experience in sales, innovation and product management.


Father of a little daughter, PhD physicist and scientist with experience in deep space, atmospheric monitoring and IT.



Annette:  Mother of a little girl, MBA + Psychologist with international experience in sales, innovation and product management.

Julian: Father of a little daughter, PhD physicist and scientist with experience in deep space, atmospheric monitoring and IT.

Award-winning technology

Protects you from too much UV.

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Do you know this? You take a walk along the beach, it´s cloudy, it´s windy, it´s chilly.

Back home, looking into the mirror, you realize: oops, I´m red – I got sunburn.

Annette has experienced this a couple of times, she´s quite sun-sensitive. Julian is physicist and atmospheric scientist, he´s an expert on UV-radiation.

When their little daughter was born, they wanted to protect their little girl from sunburn as good as possible. That´s how they got the idea for the UV-Bodyguard, a smart UV-Assistant that warns on time before it´s too late.

Annette and Julian are working with their start-up ajuma to bring the UV-Bodyguard with your help to the market this year.

For their idea, they won the DLR Health Challenge of the European Space Program Copernicus 2019!

For you

Outdoorfans & Athletes

enjoy being outside in the sun all day. What´s more, they receive stronger UV radiation because they are often high up in the mountains or nearby UV reflecting water.

Small children

enjoy being outside to play and romp around – and what´s more, they are more sensitive to the sun than adults. UV radiation is very scattered, that´s why we are not fully protected when being in the shade. Your skin remembers every sunburn –  all your life.

A lack of sun leads to a lack of Vitamin D.
And this, on the other hand, may lead to a weak immune system, winter depression, or osteoporosis.

Lack of Vitamin D affects us all: Adults who spend all day working in the office. Children who play video games all day. And of course elderly people.

Our body needs a certain amount of sunlight to build Vitamin D. The UV-Bodyguard shows you, how long you should stay in the sun to fill up your Vitamin D level in a simple way.

Lack of Vitamin D

Not enough sun

How much do you know about sun protection?

test your knowledge

Reapply Sunscreen

In summer, I simply reapply sunscreen every hour, so I can stay in the sun forever.

Unfortunately, it´s not so easy.

Reapplying sunscreen doesn´t extend your time in the sun (of course, reapplying sunscreen is still important, because you rub off part of it through swimming or sweating).


Whenever it´s cloudy and brisk in summer, I don´t need to apply sunscreen.

Always use sunscreen! Even when it´s cloudy, you might still get up to 80% of UV radiation, while heat (= IR radiation) is blocked by the clouds, so it might still get chilly.

By the way: sand or water reflects UV radiation much stronger than grass.


In the shade or under an umbrella, I can´t get sunburn.

Unfortunately you can.

UV radiation scatters, so even in the shade, you might still get more than enough UV radiation (and even sunburn). So always use sunscreen!


I think I get sunburned much faster when I´m in the mountains, on or near the water, at the beach. Is that right?

That´s right!

Sand and water reflect UV radiation much stronger than grass. And in the mountains, UV radiation is stronger because of the height.

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